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  • Latest: Lucy - ages ago 17th February 2010, 11:46am

    Ah, Gina! what a great write up! I had a great time planning, prepping and getting nervous with you too, and co-presenting the show with you and Andy was literally FAB!! Looking forward to the next broadcast!
    :) L

  • Gina - ages ago 5th February 2010, 11:41am

    Everybody Love fabulous Music broadcast Number 11 – January the 31st.

    January 31st was officially the start of my work experience with heads together productions. For me really it was just another “Fab” broadcast, but this time it was different I was now presenting on the new ‘refurbished’ High Fidelity, and I couldn’t wait! I should really explain what the broadcast “Everybody Loves Fabulous Music” is… Basically it’s a monthly broadcast ELFM holds and is aimed at bringing you live, new, local bands! There are many different shows throughout the broadcast such as “Everybody Loves Folk Music’ which brings you live Folk music if you haven’t already guessed, then there are I think another two shows or maybe one after this hour, but I wouldn’t hold me to that as I’ll be honest I’m not really involved with the first few hours of the “Fab” broadcast. Then at usually the slot of 4pm or it least it was Yesterday, is Junior Disco Dungeon presented by Yazz and Emma. This show is all live and try’s to promote artists under the age of nineteen by getting them play a few songs on this hour slot, this show usually consists of two live acts. Then at 5pm till 6pm its of course High Fidelity, High Fidelity is aimed at bringing you all the latest local singles, news, gig guides and opinions all in one hour which is presented by Andy, and new to the show Lucy and Me, Gina. Then finally the broadcast is closed with Senior Disco Dungeon presented by Helen and is an Hour and a half long. It’s basically the same concept as Junior Disco Dungeon but aimed at artists over nineteen.

    Now you know what the monthly “Fab” broadcast is I will now tell you about my experience of “Fab 11”, broadcasted Yesterday (31.1.10). As I mentioned I was a new member with Lucy to the High Fidelity team, and I definitely think this rocked the boat a bit leaving us all a little bit panicky about how the show would turn out. So we arranged to meet at 1pm at East Leeds Towers so we were prepared, and I can honestly say I’ve never been so organized in my life! It was great being there that early I felt as though time was on my side for once and had all the time in the world to prepare. Getting there that much earlier then I usually do meant I got to meet people from earlier shows who I wouldn’t have got the chance to otherwise so that was defiantly one of the advantages. When I arrived Andy was know where to be seen as he was doing stuff with work, so me a Lucy began to makes preparations with the research she had all ready made for Kath Edmonds to create questions for her for the phone interview we were doing. Once Andy finally managed to get up to the ELFM towers around two we could actually begin to prepare the show. I definitely think Andy helped calm the atmosphere in the room a bit as he was the original presenter for high fidelity and has a lot more experience and confidence with presenting a show. We went over everything and everything seemed to be good apart from a few minor hiccups, such as the telephone line which lets us give phone interviews not working but we managed to get around it my doing an “old School’ Method of putting a mobile onto speaker phone and holding it to the microphone.

    Then around 3pm to 3:30pm, I’m not really sure, as the time didn’t seem that important at the time Andy began setting up in the ‘Dungeon’ for Subconscious to play on Junior Disco Dungeon, it was really good I learnt a little bit about the technical side to radio, and managed to make a fool of myself helping Andy when really I had no idea what to do, but that just added to the humour of the day, and I enjoyed that very much as I’ve never done any technical stuff before and I’d love to learn more about it throughout my work experience and after. The time just seemed to fly by soon Subconscious had played and I was back in the conference room preparing my notes for the moment I’d be waiting all day for, to go on air! As it came closer and closer to 5 O’clock you began to see me and Lucy become more and more nervous, while Andy didn’t have a care in the world, but I guess that’s understandable after he’d been presenting and teching his show all by himself it must have been almost easy now with two extra pairs of hands. When we went on air finally I think my excitement ate my nerves and I was rearing to go really. I really enjoyed the show and the full day of experience. Even though I was so tired by the end!

    I defiantly feel I Have achieved something with the broadcast just gone, it helped me build my confidence, my team building skill’s, also beginning to finally get to grips with the basics behind making the show actually happen using the technical equipment plus also giving me an idea how to produce a show. As I’m a regular volunteer for East Leeds FM as a whole I think its defiantly helping me see the future more clearly and what I want to be doing in say five years time not only that but its also opening my eyes to the carers I can have within the media, music industry and performance, as I didn’t realise how many jobs are in the music industry such as organizing your own festival like Lucy does with Moor Music Festival, owning your own recording like Ed does with the Soundmill and I’m begging to realise that there’s so much more out there! I had a great day and just want to thank Ed for putting together Fab and giving me this opportunity and can’t wait till the next broadcast!

    By Gina, written the 1st of February.

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