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13 comments so far...

  • Latest: Ken - ages ago 27th January 2014, 8:57am

    Beautifully engaging story brilliantly read by Brian. I am sure we shall be hearing more from this new talent.

  • Bod - ages ago 23rd January 2014, 3:14pm

    Loved the story from Brian it brought back so many memories of life at junior school

  • Murray Winters - ages ago 23rd January 2014, 7:42am

    Great story Brian.

    I never knew we went to the same school!

    A vast improvement on the last literary effort of yours I was vauely involved in.

  • Brian Deakin - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 11:10pm

    This is a beautiful story,full of humorous humanity.

  • Tricia R - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 10:42pm

    Genius story that reminded me of so many things from my Mancunian childhood.Would love to hear /read more. Also enjoyed the gritty reading voice!

  • Lucy H - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 9:47pm

    I really enjoyed the Planets story -wistful, witty and heart warming – definitely a winning combination!
    Wonderfully read – Brian is clearly a born story teller and a talented writer, looking forward to hearing/reading more of his work in the future.
    Surely a regular spot is in order?
    Good luck with the publishers!!! :-)

  • Phil - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 9:44pm

    Funny, quirky story from a writer with an eye for both the poignant and the ridiculous. Id like to hear some more from Brian.

  • Lucy H - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 9:28pm

    I really enjoyed the story – wistful, witty and heart warming, a winning combination!
    I would love to hear more of his stories,
    Brian’s voice is made for story telling – a regular spot is in order surely?
    Good luck with your publishing quests! :-)

  • peter - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 7:23pm

    If Brian wants his own show, he only has to give us a call! I really enjoyed his story too. He will be featuring in next month’s Love The Words also.

  • John H - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 4:24pm

    Give Williams his own show!

  • John H - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 3:41pm

    Give Brian Williams his own show!!!

  • Chris - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 3:30pm

    We are always impressed when you get paid, Linda!!!

  • Caroline - ages ago 22nd January 2014, 12:49pm

    Proud to say I am a friend of a very talented story writer – Brian Williams

    Keep up the good work Brian :) – You’re a star!

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