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7 comments so far...

  • Latest: Adrian - ages ago 16th August 2008, 12:23pm

    Thanks you Moorfestians. We really enjoyed being there and really impressed how you organised it all.

    And yes Emma – let’s talk weddings. That could be an interesting ELFM spin-off!

  • Emma McP - ages ago 15th August 2008, 9:22pm

    Hi Guys

    Thank god you guys were there …as per usual I didn’t get to hear any of the other great things going on at the festival due to be being soooooooooo busy running the mainstage!!

    Ta lads

    ps…….you guys should come do a live show at my wedding ….haaaaaaaaaa…interviewing all the guests…

    maybe see you at untiy day!!!

    xxxxx emma mcpartlan xxxx

  • dave - ages ago 15th August 2008, 7:27pm

    Thanks guys good work, i was so busy most of the time i forgot i was at a music festival and did not see many bands..

    i liked the Grannys4skin and Paul Marshall stuff

    oh yeah and thanks for the loan of the modem


  • Lucy Moor - ages ago 15th August 2008, 6:27pm

    wow – almost like being there! As usual i managed to see about one band all weekend and spent most of my time running around backstage so listening to your shows is brill! Thanks again for coming and adding such a special touch with your lovely caravan of love! until next year… x

  • Ralph - ages ago 13th August 2008, 2:50pm

    Good show!!!

    It would be great to get a copy of the Grannys4skin live recording from you somehow, the quality ist good. Is this possible? Would like to hear what our own songs sounded like.

    Thanks mutha dudes!

    Ralph G4S

  • Dodge Bullitz - ages ago 11th August 2008, 1:37pm

    good work team!!! what a weekend

    with love, Dodge G4S

  • EMMA! =] - ages ago 9th August 2008, 10:35pm

    It sounds amazing!
    I wish i was there cos it sounds like your having a blast! =]
    Sick gal Em xxxx

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