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  • Latest: Hilary Benn - ages ago 15th March 2008, 11:59am

    Yes, more please! Especially giving residents of East Leeds the chance to hear about what is happening in the area – like the item on EASEL – and most important of all, the chance to get involved in saying what they want to happen.
    Good luck
    Hilary Benn
    MP for Leeds Central

  • Robin - ages ago 15th February 2008, 5:52pm

    hello y’all
    it’s been just great – new people,new friends,new experiences.
    a great big thank you !
    love you all

  • Ali - ages ago 15th February 2008, 4:44pm

    it’s been a great week guys, i’d really like to do this again as luke said a payroll would be bnice , cos you know its me :D buuuut if ya know i cant be paid i dont care ill do it anyways coz im nice 2 all you lil people :D :D


  • matt - ages ago 15th February 2008, 4:44pm

    hi we NEED more ELFM is like a drug and i can’t go cold turkey man!!!!!!!

    lol, matt :D :D:D:D xx

  • helen - ages ago 15th February 2008, 4:44pm

    ELFM is the most fun i have had in ages!
    We would like another broadcast which will be just as fun as this one has been!!

  • Patrick Garrigan - ages ago 15th February 2008, 3:26pm


    I thought I might say hello to all ELFMers and congratulate y’all on another ace broadcast (albeit without my help…. *ahem*). I’ve heard bits and pieces and am listening to as much of todays broadcast as I can, and it’s all sounding great!

    Can’t wait for you/us/it to be back again, in the near future here’s hoping!

    former, hopefully still considered current…? ;-) , ELFMer!

  • Luke - ages ago 15th February 2008, 1:04pm

    YES!! Roll on ELFM. I WANT MORE. (also i will happily be paid) but if not i will still do it.

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