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  • Latest: Jonathan - ages ago 6th April 2009, 9:08pm

    And I think it must be the first time day tripper has been played on the church organ -what a finish.

  • Jonathan - ages ago 6th April 2009, 9:04pm

    We want more.fantastic effort by the ELFMers and the various perfomers volunteers, drop inners, organ grinders, monkeys, audience. This is a milestone in the history of Leeds and definitely East Leeds..

  • Rory and Sheila - ages ago 6th April 2009, 10:38am

    Best wishes to all involved with ELFM and the musicathon. We really enjoyed particpating and want to thank everyone – excellent event. Maybe we can get together a massed ukulele and flute band for next time. Big love from Rory and Sheila xx

  • Good in Parts - ages ago 5th April 2009, 10:16pm

    We had a great time – thanks for putting us on your Peace & Love hour – very smooth organisation, fabulous acoustics, and a real buzz about the whole event. We look forward to hearing the podcasts – Cheers !

  • lizzie gunby - ages ago 5th April 2009, 5:47pm

    really enjoyed appearing as the princess in the panto extract,

    everyones been doing really well and its great to listen to!

    nerve-wracking but worth it (Y)

  • Emma McPartlan - ages ago 5th April 2009, 9:28am

    Throughly enjoyed being on air for an hour this morning with acoustic revolution!!! thanks ben, jordan, troy and Rosie xxxxx love acoustic revolution xx

  • Leslie Holmes - ages ago 5th April 2009, 7:55am

    Wind up was fab!

  • Danny Bowden - ages ago 5th April 2009, 4:41am

    Go Lynz!!!

    The last cupla’ hours have been amazing, give yourself a massive proverbial pat on the many backs!

    The SSSSS, Will Newman, Rebel Yell, Silverlode, Tsienna, Lightstream and Milk White White Teeth were all the dogs!!!

    I’m getting my head in now but i’m leaving you playing to soundtrack my dreams. Big up yourselves!

    Peace, Love & Pillows beckon..


    Waif & Stray


  • Enrique Iglesias - ages ago 5th April 2009, 4:13am

    Linzy is hot put her on.

  • Danny Bowden - ages ago 5th April 2009, 12:22am

    Thankyou so much for having us, it was the thrill of a lifetime… Those acoustics in the chapel are beautiful!!!

    Going to try and stay up the full course and hopefully i’ll be down tomorrow for The Rev!

    Peace, Love & Pragmatic brilliance..


    Waif & Stray

  • Steve Bolton - ages ago 4th April 2009, 11:34pm

    Have enjoyed doing a slot in this Musicathon, but shame I’ve a full day ahead of me tomorrow and that includes working!

    If this event takes place again I will definitely support it for the full 24 hours. Stil listening on line and enjoying every minute!

  • JONATHAN - ages ago 4th April 2009, 10:55pm

    Very fine hour. that’s 10-11. Its all very excellent lively fascinating moduations.

  • Lucy Moor - ages ago 4th April 2009, 8:24pm

    loving listening in whilst having cat naps to prep for the long night ahead! L x

  • nic greenan - ages ago 4th April 2009, 3:25pm

    sounding amazing, what a great start
    nic xx

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